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Windfinder is your weather service for kitesurfers, windsurfers, surfers, sailors, paragliders and all other wind-related activities – including Wind Speed compilation and predictions for Wind Turbine Systems!

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Global wind forecasts and weather forecasts

– Spots / Forecasts

– Models and weather data sources

– Real-time measurements, statistics and live webcams

 – Over 20.400 weather stations

We offer a unique, global network of weather stations. The current wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, air pressure and other values at these sites can be viewed in real time. This is especially useful in more complex regions or for viewing the current weather at your location.

– Statistics and historical weather data & Webcams

We can help you plan your application or event according to wind and weather using our detailed wind statistics and weather statistics. If you need information in even greater detail, such as for insurance claims, we can help you with our weather data archive dating back to 1999.

Further, it often helps to have a visual image of the current conditions – we offer you over more than 63.000 webcams so that you can assess the weather conditions or get informed about the current and ‘future’ situation (well, we all know, wind and weather forecast is not always easy but helps to keep in touch with the medium which gives life to our planet and us).

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Partner Contact: Frederick Niemann – Consultant

Manufacturer Representative Singapore, South-East-Asia and Australasia

Contact us below if you need more details about your own Wind Turbine Electricity Plant:

– at your House – Privat Use

– in Open Space – Parking Lights

– as Electric Car Loading Station

– at Office or Factory Buildings

– for Commercial and Industrial Use

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