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Wind Speed Measurements

By Courtesy of AcuRite
By Courtesy of AcuRite

Get some Product Ideas before starting Wind Power Turbine design and installations. Our customers are investigating the Wind Speed and Weather Situation at the place of operation.

We recommend to measure wind speeds over a time period of approx. 8 to 12 weeks and suggest 2 options to create relevant results:

1) CLICK at Wind Finder Maps which is also embedded at our website side bar >>> register the results on paper or create an Excel file with the data for further investigation OR contact us, respectively Windfinder direct, for wind data within a selected historical time frame – year/weeks/days. These data come with a small price tag.

2) SELECT our recommended Product Ideas below from Amazon to read – monitor – capture – wireless and store within a certain period of time as suggested above:

– Wind Speed Anemometer Handheld OR

– Wind Speed Sensors OR

– Wind Speed Weather Stations OR

– Wind Speed Weather Station Wireless

Contact us below if you need more details about your own Wind Turbine Electricity Plant:

– at your House – Privat Use <<< click

– in Open Space – Parking Lights <<< click

– as Electric Car Loading Station <<< click

– at Office or Factory Buildings <<< click

– for Commercial and Industrial Use <<< click

We got the right size for you!

If you would like to add some relevant, positive thoughts and suggestions, we are happy to hear from you.

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