Wind Power Everywhere for Everybody

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Wind Power Everywhere for Everybody

Wind Power Turbines to Save the World – watch the Video for more… Wind Power for Homes

In comparison to other renewable energy sources – WIND – is available mostly all of the time. With that principle in mind, a German Technology company started the research and development of a wind power system that could deliver electrical energy, even during fluctuating or low wind.

The second idea was the design of a wind power turbine which is small, most efficient and could technically approved and certified. After that step, the door was open to provide the system set-up for commercial, industrial and private applications. Yet, the most important feature was and still is, the system became affordable for private user of homes and houses.  CLICK here for more…

The Flow Turbines fills a gap in the Innovative Energy Generation. An electrical wind power generator with ground breaking abilities beyond expectations and limitations. An unique and outstanding wind power turbine was implemented for a wide range of application. It can be used as

  • Stand alone version at almost any size or

  • Combined with Solar and

  • Own storage option and

  • Cloud connected option or

  • A lantern to charge your car or carpark

Innovative Power to Save the World!

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Partner Contact: Frederick Niemann – Consultant

LWS Representative and Agent (South-East-Asia and Australasia)

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    LWS Wind Power Systems is the forerunner in technology, electricity grid integration and power production with horizontal and vertical turbines. Frederick Niemann, independent consultant and manager of Trusted Industry Consultant LLP, is the representative and agent for LWS Germany, focusing on marketing and sales activities in South-East-Asia and Australasia.