Vertical Wind Turbines

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New Innovation: Vertical wind turbines for parking lights and many other applications

Vertical Wind Turbines
Vertical Wind Turbines for various applications

The small Vertical Wind Turbine WICG36 was developed into a HYBRID Lantern.

Excess yields are saved in the battery.

The lamp heads vary between several light cone diameters with and without photovoltaic cells.

Suitable applications are for:

– building sites – carports – camping sites – driveways – company premises

– gardens – gazebos – garage yards – house-own catastrophe protection

– parks and more…

The vertical wind turbine for parks is offered in two versions:

50 watt/12 volt, 50 watt/24 volt, 100 watt/12 volt und 100 watt/24 volt

– playgrounds – sports grounds – school courtyards and more…

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    Vertical Wind Turbines

    LWS Wind Power Systems is the forerunner in technology, electricity grid integration and power production with horizontal and vertical turbines. Frederick Niemann, independent consultant and manager of Trusted Industry Consultant LLP, is the representative and agent for LWS Germany, focusing on marketing and sales activities in South-East-Asia and Australasia.