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In December 2016, a European consortium introduces itself in Luxembourg to start-up the Revolution in Energy Supply.

The companies LWS (Germany, Wind Turbines), Zep (Netherlands, solar roof tiles), EnBR (France, geothermal heat pump technology) and the system provider Energiebau Ramstein (Luxembourg / Germany, intelligent accumulators / total control) presented their decentralized energy supply system for real estate.

The companies aim to revolutionise the electricity market in Europe.

Mr.Hans Kennel, Managing Director of Energiebau Ramstein: “The citizens can make themselves independent and provide themselves cheaper! Therefore, our motto is: ‘Declare Independence’. “

Mr.Michael Elicker, conservationist and co-initiator: “Green electricity supply is only decentralized useful. Decentralized supply combined with intelligent storage control can solve the problem of grid stability in renewable energies. “

The intelligent energy solution, which was previously developed and tested in individual projects, will be offered by Energiebau Ramstein from 2017 across Germany. The standard roof tiles with integrated PV cell are suitable for new buildings as well as listed buildings. Optically indistinguishable, they fit into the standard range of brick types for the remaining roofing.

In addition to the “invisible” Zep solar tiles, the wind turbines are used directly on the roof ridge, where very often the low starting wind of these turbines is achieved.

Geothermal heat pumps used have a direct evaporator system with only 30m drilling depth. The self-generated storage system also gives the customer access to cheaper / free negative balancing energy and the connection to neighbourhood solutions.

“Through our preliminary work, we have integrated all energy suppliers and storage in a comprehensively controlled system for the first time worldwide. Our system even adapts to the different framework conditions in the individual countries, so that we present a pan-European system, “says Kennel. “We tell the customer in advance what he will save.

A plant pays for itself unexpectedly fast. “On the consumption side, oil and gas are replaced by self-generated electrical energy, e.g. with the infrared heaters, which are also very advantageous in the renovation sector.

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Partner Contact: Frederick Niemann – Consultant

Manufacturer Representative in Singapore, South-East-Asia and Australasia

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    Revolution in Energy Supply

    LWS Wind Power Systems is the forerunner in technology, electricity grid integration and power production with horizontal and vertical turbines. Frederick Niemann, independent consultant and manager of Trusted Industry Consultant LLP, is the representative and agent for LWS Germany, focusing on marketing and sales activities in South-East-Asia and Australasia.