Pushing Forward Low Flow Turbines

LWS Turbine combined with PV
Increase efficiency of electric power production with PV system and Wind Power Turbine combination

Pushing Forward Low Flow Turbines

The new Low Flow Turbine Model “UFT 64”  was presented at the Intersolar Europe 2017 in Munich

Pushing forward with…

1. Less inflow resistance.

2. Complete recording of the roof turbulences at the suction points.

3. High rotational speed at the same wind speed.

4. A specially developed turbine housing.low 

5. Suitable for polar and outback regions.

In connection with the new hybrid inverter “P+P 500-12 AC” and the flow turbine, the loading of the turbine is maintained at the optimal working point by the characteristic curve pre-set ex works.

With simultaneous solar energy the hybrid inverter extracts the sum of the maximum possible power from both systems, PV and Wind.

The system has been extended by a further building block, the “ACCBox”.

The ACCBox (AC-Connect-Box) was developed to to take into account the changes on the energy market and to integrate the low flow turbines in existing energy facilities as well as in new facility networks and national grid systems.

The core function is the connection of several generating sources with only one power reading instrument at the household connecting point. This saves significant costs in the area of “electrical engineering + electrical installation” and makes complex and expensive conversions unnecessary.

At the same time, it offers the the possibility of upgrading existing systems to the latest energy technology.

In addition, the ACCBox replaces an additional data collection, since this is integrated optionally (according to the model).

The ACCBox can unite a photo voltaic equipment, a storage equipment & wind-flow turbines in one system with only one power  reading meter. As an option, the user can access the system via the integrated WEB server or via an online portal.

The wind power flow turbine increases your self-sufficiency since it generates electricity without (day)light. In order to offer our customers an affordable solution always, the ACCBox will be available in different versions like V1-Basic , V2-Home, V3-Professional , V4-Developer

In addition to the basic functions (integration of the wind power low flow turbines) in the network, the ACCBox can also register the power data of the wind power flow turbines and the complete household network.

Extensions are in the future planning as follows:

  • registration of the rotational speed (RPM) of the wind power flow turbines

  •  registration of wind power flow turbine wind-speeds

  • special interfaces for newly developed inverter generations

With the special interfaces, professional analyses of the complete system can be performed. And the specialist partners have the possibility of offering the customers a high quality service.

Following values can be displayed:

Currents, voltages, network frequency, CosPhi, effective power, apparent power, 230V systems, 380V systems, power reference, power delivery, work relationship, work input.

Data technology depending on the model:

LAN, WLAN, USB, HDMI, PWM, 2 digital outputs, up to 8 current measurements incl. neutral conductor for direction recognition A/D converter, data bus for extensions (RPM, wind-speed, temperature).

Software depending on the model:

WebServer integrated, FTP server integrated, FTP upload, VPN server integrated for service access configuration tool integrated, REST interface.

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    Pushing Forward Low Flow Turbines


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