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Wind Flow Turbine Certificate
Low Flow Wind Turbine Certificate

At the last INTERSOLAR EUROPE in Munich, LWS Systems presented some groundbreaking innovations: the Plug and Play Wind Flow Turbine.

LWS Systems is developer, manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of wind flow turbines generating power in the classes from 100 to 500 Watt…and up to 1000 Watt.

During the INTERSOLAR Europe, LWS Systems initiated the market launch of plug-and-play wind power versions!

LWS Flow Turbine UFT-64
LWS design and development for low wind speed

The new components used with the LWS turbines are designed exclusively and solely on behalf of LWS for wind flow turbines. The brand new technology packages are reliable and easy to install.

The DC – generated by the turbine – is converted into 230 V AC for grid use.

Main Features

  • Up-dated control technology

  • Modular expandable system

  • Data collection and visualization

  • Integration with energy production systems – PV etc.

  • Components certified for grid aplications

  • LWS turbines are tested and certified by TÜV Germany

  • Customized packages for local and worldwide use

The low profile of the Plug and Play Flow Turbines feature an unobtrusive design providing excellent results when mounted correctly with the proper electrical connections.

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Average yearly wind speeds at the location and height of installation on the property should be determined before mounting.

Horizontal turbines are secured on roof ridges, with a mounting platform. Vertical Systems can be mounted on short poles for flat roofs.

The vertical and horizontal 300-Watt-Turbine are recommended by LWS Systems for the inland areas wind conditions. On locations at sea or near the shore with an average yearly wind speed of 6m/s the 500-Watt-turbine is recommended.

The Plug-and-Play Wind Flow Trubines and it’s components are distributed as a complete system and are only available from LWS Systems and their official distributors.

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Partner Contact: Frederick Niemann – Consultant

LWS Representative and Agent (South-East-Asia and Australasia)


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    LWS Wind Power Systems is the forerunner in technology, electricity grid integration and power production with horizontal and vertical turbines. Frederick Niemann, independent consultant and manager of Trusted Industry Consultant LLP, is the representative and agent for LWS Germany, focusing on marketing and sales activities in South-East-Asia and Australasia.