Hybrid System

Wind Power Combined with Photo Voltaic System

The system was developed to demonstrate the decentralised power supply of private, commercial and industrial properties in Germany.

Combination of Wind and Solar Power

The Hybrid Development

This Hybrid System is the integration of the new hybrid inverter P+P 500-12 AC with the wind flow turbine.  The optimised working point will be pre-set ex works with reference to the load.

The hybrid system extracts the sum of  maximum possible power from Solar and Wind.

The Hybrid System was extended with a building block, the ACCBox, which integrates the wind flow turbines in NETWORKS and External POWER systems.

The core function is the connection of several generating sources with only one power reading instrument at the connecting point of the house. It avoids complex and expensive conversions.

The system offers the the possibility to upgrade existing power systems with the best energy technology of the market. Furthermore, the ACCBox simplifies additional data collection. This feature is offered optionally, depending on the selected model.

The most important feature of the ACCBox is the integration of a solar equipment, a storage equipment and wind flow turbines in one system with only one power  reading meter. Optionally, the user is able to access the power system through the integrated WEB server or the integrated online portal.

The solar and wind power system increases the self-sufficiency by generating electricity day and night – 24/7. The ACCBox is available in different versions like V1-Basic , V2-Home, V3-Professional , V4-Developer.

LWS Turbine combined with PV
Increase efficiency of electric power production with PV system and Wind Power Turbine combination


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    Hybrid System

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