Innovative Wind Power

Innovative Wind Power

Wind Power Electricity Plant

Wind Power Everywhere for Everybody

Wind Power Turbines to Save the World  (1:40 minutes)

Flow Turbines

Wind generally moves parallel to the surface of the Earth and is obstructed by trees and building. One can see the shadows of the sun, but not shadows of the wind. Wind is not always wind, a seemingly strong wind to the feel, could also be a turbulent one.

Depending on the ‘type of turbulence’, it can eventually hardly be transformed into electricity. Wind only brings a lot of energy, when a so-called miner flow is available, i.e. when the wind is not swirled around through barriers.

Generating Your Own Power

Wind – in comparison to other renewable energy sources – is available all the time. This principle was the starting point to research and development of a system that can deliver energy, even during weak or fluctuating wind.

The wind power turbine is small, most efficient, providing the set-up for commercial, industrial and private applications. Most important, the system is also affordable for private consumers. The minimum ROI ranges between 3 to 5 years, depending on the average wind flow capacity at the place of installation.

Vertical Wind Power Turbines fill a gap in ‘innovative energy generation’. The turbines maintained ground breaking application abilities beyond limitations and expectations.

The Turbines are implemented in a wide range of application – please contact us for details or an appointment.

Innovative Power to Save the World

Innovative wind power modules, generating electricity, are important for everyone.

In contrast to many other regenerative energies, the wind is available around the clock. Thus, you can virtually gain power without much effort.


most efficient wind power turbine

Wind Power Everywhere for Everybody!

PXW  (low wind speed – power cross wheel)

The PXW (power cross wheel) is an important part of the current turbines. Zink orate metal sheets are protected against corrosion by means of a powder coating from our rainbow colour spectrum of 200 RAL colour shades.

Very efficient current turbines have been developed for a variety of tasks and wind ranges.

1. The horizontal current turbine is created for two wind directions and suction tips.

2. The vertical current turbine is developed for all-round current.

Further development and spezialisation of current turbines is top priority at LWS Systems, striving towards securing economic and technical potential.

Interesting facts

The turbines are Energy Generators that can thrive without extensive infrastructural measures and are particularly well-suited of being set up in city areas.

The current turbines can be implemented wherever wind currents occur, for example on roof ridges or street canyons, at bridges, crossovers or other areas where there are significant wind speeds.

Wind at night is more efficient that wind during the day, which is scientifically proven.

At open space elevations (solar parks), the current turbines are joined to the final point of the top of the PV (Photo Voltaic) module series.  The Photo Voltaic surfaces can be used as a wind current surface and the available Photo Voltaic surfaces yield a far higher energy performance.

Where global radiation is reduced for each square meter and the kilowatt yield values for solar panels decreases, the wind turbines catch these losses and increase yields.

New Energy generation

Coreless generators – this new permanent-magnet generation of wind generators was developed for the Low Wind Speed range. A highly dynamic system, working at a regulated flow rate of energy.

A further highlight of coreless generators, is the implementation and all-in-all significantly higher energy performance, compared to traditional generators available in the market.

Coreless generators features:

  • No cogging torque

  • Low starting torsional moment

  • Low rotational speed

  • External rotation

  • Low acoustic level, quieter than the wind

  • Long lifespan

Charge Controllers

Turbines with integrated generators are sold in combination with a charge controller. The charge controller guarantees that the batteries do not overcharge and controls the windmill during high wind speeds electronically, i.e. keeping high rotational speeds and electrical currents in place.

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    Innovative Wind Power

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